15 August Poem in Hindi, English | 15 August Patriotic Poems For Kids

15 August Poem in Hindi, English | 15 August Patriotic Poems For Kids : Hello everyone, first of all i would love to give you a warm welcome for visiting on my 15 august poem in Hindi, English for kids & school students. The patriotic month has already started and all the country loving people have already started looking for amazing poems, essays, heart touching lines for the coming occasion “Indian Independence Day” which will be celebrated on 15th of august. As every kid is aware of 3 national holiday of India and 15th august is one of them. On this day, India got freedom from Britisher rule and started making their own decisions, which is very proud moment for our nation. Every kid from every home takes part in patriotic events held in their school functions. Its been 71 years now when India got its independence and in honor of that Prime Mister of India “Narendra Modi” will host the Flag at Red fort, Delhi.

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This article is all about good patriotic poems for Independence day in Hindi & English for kids. Basically where we use these types of poems ? do you want to dedicate it to some one or you want to use this in your anchoring speech on 15 august?. These are the beautiful inspirational poems on India’s independence so every can use it with proud. In hindi, Independence day is known to be as “Sawtantrta Diwas” and to make your poem much better you can use this term because Hindi is our national language. This article is specially created for children’s as they are kids of God and we have collected every type of poem for them such as Sad, heart touching, emotional & motivational poems etc so if you are participating in any of your school competition or function then you visited at very right place. Here you will get award prize winning 15 august poem in Hindi & English. Now let’s not waste more of our precious time & move forward to collection of patriotic poems for Indian Independence day.

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15 August Hindi Poem with pictures

Short 15 August Poem in Hindi For Kids

  1. Bharat maa ke amar sapooton,
    path par aage badhaate jaana.
    parwat nadiyaan aur samundar,
    hans kar paaya sabhi kar jaana.
    tamame Himgiri ki unchaayi,
    saagar jaisi gehaaraayi hai.
    lehroon ki masti hai tum mein,
    sooraj jaisi tarunaayi hai.
    Bhagat Singh, Rana Pratap ka,
    Behata rakt tumhaare tan mein,
    Gautam, Gandhi, Mahaveer sa,
    rehata satya tumhaare man mein.
    sankat aaya jab dharti par,
    tumane bhishan sangraam kiya.
    maar bhagaaya dushmaan ko fir,
    jag mein apana naam kiya.
    aane waaale naye vishav mein,
    tum bhi kuchh kar ke dikhalaana.
    Bhaarat ke unnaat lalaat ko,
    jag mein unchaa aur uthaana. (Desh Bhakti Kavita in Hindi)
  2. Payaara payaara mera desh,
    sajaa-sanwaara mera desh,
    duniya jis par garv kare–
    nayaan sitaara mera desh.
    chaandi-sona mera desh,
    safal salonaa meraa desh,
    sural jaisa aalokit–
    sukh ka kona mera desh.
    phoolon waalaa mera desh,
    jhulon waala mera desh,
    Ganga-Yamuna ki maaala ka,
    phoolon waala mera desh.
    aage jaaye mera desh,
    nit naye khoob muskaaaye mera desh.
    itihaason mein barh-charh kar–
    naam likhaaaye mera desh. (Poem on Independence Day in Hindi).

    Independence Day Hindi Poems with tiranga photo

  3. Swatantrataa Diwas Amar Rahe
    Wahi Purab hai, Wahi Paschim hai,
    Waashi Uttar hai Wahi Dakshin,
    Tukde-Tukde Meri Dharti ke,
    Nahi Bhulta mai woh kashaan.
    Kaise Beete pata nahi hai,
    67 Warsh Azadi ke.
    Azad Hindustan kaisa hogaa,
    Sapne har ek maanav ke.
    Jan-Jan mein goonjta naaam hai,
    Bharat ke veer shaahidon ka.
    Aaj bhi aisi veer shahidi,
    Bhula na sakta Hindustaan.
    Karwan ki pakdi dagar aisi,
    Grihatyaag balidaan kiya.
    Maatr bhoomi ko sheesh chadhane,
    Veeron ne kaisa pran liya.
    Ahinsa ke bal Gaandhi koode,
    Raajneeti Nehru ji ki.
    Subhaash Chander, Shekhar jaison ne,
    Laaj bachai bharat ki.
    Raaajguru, Batukeshwar Dutt bhi,
    Shaaheed ho gaye is ran mein.
    Amar shaheedi tabhi bachi hai,
    Swatantra bhaarat ke kan-kan mein.
    Chale gaye Angrej chhod desh,
    Apni dharti tod gaye.
    Bhaarat aur Pakistan banaakar,
    Fir se jhagda jod gaye.
    Angrejo Bharat Chhodo”,
    Jai Hind” Hamara Naara tha.
    Bharat ki dharati goonj uthi,
    Jan-Jan ne yahi pukara tha.
    Aao aaj fir se hum,
    Unhi palon ko yaad karen.
    Yah Shubh din Amar rahe,
    Baar-baar fariyaaad karen.
    “Jai Hind” “Jai Bhaarat” Bolo,
    Deshbhakti mein amrit gholo.
    Swatrata diwas amar rahe,
    Hindustani dil se bolo. (Short patriotic 15 august poem in Hindi).
  4. Bharat desh humaaara pyara,
    saare vishav se hai nyara.

    alag-alag hain roop-rang,
    par sabhi ek sur mein gaate,
    jhandaa uncha rahe humaara.

    har paradesh ki alag jubaan,
    par mithaas ki unme shaan,
    anekta mein ekta pirokar,
    saabne miljul desh sanwaaara.

    laga raha hai bharat saara,
    ‘Hum sab ek hain’ ka naara.(motivational 15 august poem in hindi, kavita for kids, school students).

  5. Bhagi pertantrata .
    Aai swatantrata.
    Desh ke saputon nen,
    Dikhalai veerata.

    Veeron ki lalakar.
    Deshkhakt ki pukar,
    Age badhi tarunai,
    Rashtra ka karane singar.

    Shaurya ko jagayenge.
    Bharat ko sajayenge.
    Rakshak ham ajadi ke,
    Gaurav ko badhyenge.

    Rahstra geet gayenge.
    Tiranga laharayenge.
    Parva hai ajadi ka. (Patriotic independence day poems in Hindi by famous poets ).

15 august poem in hindi
15 August Poem in Hindi & English

Special Independence Day 2017 Poems in English

  1. You May Forward Many Messages,
    In any case, Today Is Not Simply one more Day,
    It’s An Opportunity To Recollect The Furies,
    That Helped Us Observe This present Opportunity’s Day. (Poem on Independence Day in English for students)


  2. Fifty Days Of Autonomy From You.
    You That I Am When At last I Rest.
    Where Hues Obscure Into A Sloppy Dark colored
    Furthermore, Almond Eyes Are Startingly Blue.
    You Are My Unique circumstance, My Lone Hint.
    How Would You Deny Me When I Am You?
    My Tongue Twists Sounds That You Have Made.
    My Case Is Of Stones That You Have Laid.
    I Adore You And Severely dislike You, My Lost Is Yours,
    Your Home And Mine Are FGoreign Shores,
    Darker As A Nut, And As Blanched As Perplexed,
    We Are The Beast That You Have Made,
    Gradually, Gradually The Unmindful Learn,
    Take a gander At Us, Take a gander At Us, We Are A Thing Separated
    Like Father Like Little girl, Can’t Complete What I Begin. (patriotic 15 august poem in hindi & English)


  3. “Where the brain is without fear
    also, the head is held high;
    Where information is free;
    Where the world has not been
    separated into sections by
    limit household dividers;
    Where words turned out from
    the profundity of truth;
    Where resolute endeavoring extends
    its arms towards flawlessness;
    Where the unmistakable stream of reason
    has not lost its way into the inauspicious
    betray sand of dead propensity;
    Where the psyche is lead forward by thee
    into continually augmenting idea and activity to that paradise of flexibility, my Dad, give my nation a chance to wakeful.”
    – Rabindranath Tagore (patriotic independence day poems in English by Rabindranath Tagore)


  4. At the beginning of history India begun on her unending mission, and trackless hundreds of years are loaded with her endeavoring and the loftiness of her prosperity and her disappointments. Through great and sick fortune alike she has never dismissed that mission or overlooked the beliefs which gave her quality.


  5. How might one be constrained to acknowledge subjection? I just decline to do the ace’s offering. He may torment me, break my issues that remains to be worked out and even execute me. He will then have my dead body, not my dutifulness. At last, accordingly, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has bombed in motivating me to do what he needed done.
    Mahatma Gandhi
Indian Independence Day poems by Mahatma Gandi, Rabindranath tagore
Famous Independence Day Poems by mahatma Gandhi

Patriotic 15 August Poem in Hindi & English For Students, Freedom Fighters

So all the lovely kids & visitors, here you can see above that we have provided you the amazing poems on independence day 2017 in both Hindi & English language. I hope you liked all the good quality heart touching lines for the special eve. You can use these poems in your school functions, speech, essays, articles, videos and also share poems as a wishes & messages. Now its the right time to understand the exact meaning of these 15 august poem in hindi, as this should wake our inner soul to do good for our nation and to make it better country to live for coming generation. Wishing you all a very happy 15 august 2017.

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