15 August Speech In Hindi & English | Short Independence Day Speech 2017

15 August Speech In Hindi & English | Short Independence Day Speech 2017: Every year 15 August is celebrated as Independence day of India in every city & state of India. This day is declared as national holiday and all the government offices, colleges, schools remains closed and most of the people participates in cultural, events, parades and flag hosting ceremony held by local political government. MLAs & ministers addresses short 15 august speech or we can say Independence day speech in Hindi & English to all the visitors who come to celebrate the victory of Indian Independence day.

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Our nation (India) got its independence first in 15 august 1947 and after that pandit jawahar lal nehru become the first prime minister of india. From the three national holidays, Independence day is one of them and others are Republic Day (26th january) and Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October). On this patriotic eve, many students from school proudly takes part in national events organized by the zonal government in which children’s from different school & colleges perform different activities such as addresses 15 august speech in Hindi & English, emotional skits, patriotic group, group singing & many more restating the struggling life of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the months surrounding independence day. Ministers of local region also addresses short independence day 2017 speech about how we need to take care of our own people and how freedom fighters have fought to save citizens of india from Britishers. so on that behalf to make preparing their 15 august speech easier our team has collected good heart touching lines for all the kids & students participating in the upcoming independence day events.

By the mean of Independence, it does not only means that now we are free to do anything but also to be responsible in making India much better every next day. So its our duty to stand for every bad thing happens in public. Now its time to check out for speech on independence day in Hindi & English language. Before we proceed, below mentioned are the topics on which we will be discussing.

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15 August Speech in Hindi
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15 August speech 2017 in Hindi & English

  1. My dear comrades,

    From the bulwarks of Red Fort, I welcome 125 crore individual comrades – inside and outside India, on the promising event of Independence Day.

    On this 70th celebration of opportunity, we have another resolve, another determination, another excitement, another essentialness to take nation to new and more noteworthy statures. Our flexibility helps us to remember the give up of our opportunity warriors and their dedication to the reason for flexibility through battle and give up. On this event, we recollect those youngsters who went enthusiastically to scaffold. We are breathing today in free India, on account of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru and numerous other incredible pioneers and individuals who battled and worked reliably towards opportunity of the nation.

    India is an old country. We have a history and social legacy of thousands of years. From Vedas to Vivekananda, from Upnishads to satellites, from Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi, and from Bhima of Mahabharata to Bhim Rao; we have had a long noteworthy excursion and legacy. This land has seen many high points and low points, and battle through a few eras. A large portion of them devoted themselves to improve a human life.

    India is not 70 years of age, but rather it is a trip of 70 years post-pioneer run the show. After Independence, we tried endeavors to take the nation forward under another framework. Sardar Vallbhai Patel bound together the nation and now it is our obligation to make this nation as the best country. We need to try nonstop endeavors to understand our fantasy to make India “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”. 15 August Speech in English

15 august speech at red fort

  1. “My kindred siblings and sisters,

    flexibility has not come without a cost. There were unlimited abominations yet the resolve was steadfast. Each Indian was a fighter of the opportunity development. Everybody needed flexibility of the nation. It is conceivable that somebody won’t not have been detained, somebody won’t not have possessed the capacity to make yield but rather and still, at the end of the day, each Indian had a resolve for opportunity. Mahatma Gandhi was the pioneer.

    It was the inspiration of the relinquish of outfitted progressives which prompted Swaraj. Be that as it may, now, to change the self administration into great administration is the resolve of 125 crore nationals. On the off chance that the Swaraj was accomplished through yield, achievement of Suraj (great administration ) is likewise impractical without give up, valor, commitment and teach. So to advance the Good-Governance resolve of 125 crore individuals, all need to push forward with their separate obligations and commitment.

    Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish Good Governance, everybody needs to satisfy its duties, be it a Panchayat or Parliament, be it a Gram Pradhan or a Prime Minister, to reinforce each just foundation. At exactly that point, India won’t take excessively time in understanding the fantasy of Good-Governance.

    Truly our nation is gone up against with various issues however we should not overlook that if there are issues, the nation likewise has abilities and when we push forward with such capacities, the ways of arrangements additionally end up noticeably accessible. Along these lines, my siblings and sisters, if India have a great many issues, we have 125 crore brains likewise which are equipped for taking care of the issues.” Short English Independence day 2017 speech for kids.

  2. Dearest Brothers and sisters,

    sometime in the past Governments in our nation were buried in claims, yet time has changed at this point. Today, the Government is not encompassed by charges and assertions, but rather by desires. Also, when there are desires around, it means that when there is trust, when there is trust, at that point just desires emerge from their womb, and desires accelerate the trip towards great administration, and satisfy desires on a nonstop premise. So my siblings and sisters, for us this voyage of Surajya … today when I am addressing you from the bulwarks of the Red Fort, it is yet characteristic that there will be exchange in the matter of what the Government is doing and what is occurring in the nation, what ought to be accomplished for the nation. I can likewise show a definite record of what the Governments has done and can underline numerous things.

    An expansive number of activities have been taken in two years’ residency, various moves made, yet in the event that I begin explaining, at that point possibly I should talk from the bulwark of Red Fort for one week. So rather than that, today I need to draw your consideration towards the work culture of this Government, not the work as it were. At times it is anything but difficult to represent the work yet it is difficult for a layman to know, get a handle on, comprehend and distinguish the work culture until the point that you go into profundity.

    So my siblings and sisters, today I am not talking just of the strategy but rather likewise of the goal and the choices. Siblings and sisters, it is not an issue of heading just but rather a matter of more extensive state of mind.

    This is not just a blueprint. It is a dedication for change. This is conjunction of individuals’ desires, vote based system and individuals’ help. This is a longing and furthermore assent, this is a force and furthermore articulation of advance.

    In this way my darling comrades, today when I talk about great administration, my straight forward significance is – to have any kind of effect in the life of the regular man. Great administration implies that organization ought to be touchy, ought to be dependable and ought to be committed to the normal man. And after that we have to stress on great administration, continue investigating the obligation of everybody, duty and responsibility ought to be at the foundation of good administration and it ought to get sustenance from that point. In this way, organization ought to be delicate.

    Simply recollect the circumstances, when in the event that we needed to go to any huge healing center, we needed to sit tight for a long time. At the point when individuals used to come to AIIMS, they needed to sit tight for a few days to simply know when they should experience the tests. Today we have possessed the capacity to change the whole framework. There is an online enrollment, online arrangement of specialists, and when the patient comes at the time given to him, his treatment begins. Not just this, his medicinal records are accessible on the web. Furthermore, in the region of wellbeing, we need to build up this culture all through the nation. Today, the legislature has gotten this framework more than 40 major healing facilities yet most importantly organization ought to be delicate. Siblings and sisters, the organization ought to be responsible. On the off chance that the organization is not responsible, the issues of the normal man stay unattended. How changes happen-we have innovation yet in the past rail tickets … .basic man of India is connected to rail tickets, poor people man is connected to it. Prior, through innovation, just 2000 tickets were issued in one moment. There was a period – individuals sat tight for the site to open. Today I can state with fulfillment that in one moment, 15,000 rail tickets can be issued.” Independence day speech for teachers

Independence Day 2017 Speech in Hindi

  1. “15 अगस्त 1947 वह दिन जब भारत आजाद हुआ था। हर साल हम इसी दिन स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाते हैं। बता दे कि भारत के अंतिम वायसराय लाउड माउंडवेंटन ही वो व्यक्ति थे जिन्होंने भारत और पाकिस्तान की आजादी का दिन चुना। जब माउंडवेंटन भारत आए थे तो उन्हें भारत और पाकिस्तान अविभाजित मिला था। ऐसे में किसी भी विवाद को जन्म देने से बचने के लिए वायसराय ने 14 अगस्त को पाक को आजादी दी और लाहौर को उसकी राजधानी घोषित कर दी। हर स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री लालकिले से झंडा फहराते हैं। लेकिन 15 अगस्त, 1947 को ऐसा नहीं हुआ था। नेहरू ने 16 अगस्त, 1947 को लालकिले से झंडा फहराया था।
    यह लार्ड माउंटबेटन ही थे जिन्‍होंने निजी तौर पर भारत की स्‍वतंत्रता के लिए 15 अगस्‍त का दिन तय किया क्‍योंकि इस दिन को वे अपने कार्यकाल के लिए बेहद सौभाग्‍यशाली मानते थे। इसके पीछे खास वजह थी। असल में दूसरे विश्‍व युद्ध के दौरान 1945 में 15 अगस्‍त के ही दिन जापान की सेना ने उनकी अगुवाई में ब्रिटेन के सामने आत्‍मसमर्पण कर दिया था। माउंटबेटन उस समय संबद्ध सेनाओं के कमांडर थे। बता दे कि देश भले ही 15 अगस्त को आज़ाद हो गया, लेकिन उसका अपना कोई राष्ट्र गान नहीं था। रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर जन-गण-मन 1911 में ही लिख चुके थे, लेकिन यह राष्ट्रगान 1950 में ही बन पाया.” Short 15 August Speech in Hindi Language
Independence day speech in hindi
Indian Independence day speech in hindi
  1. मेरे सभी आदरणीय अधयापकों, अभिभावक, और प्यारे मित्रों को सुबह का नमस्कार। इस महान राष्ट्रीय अवसर को मनाने के लिये आज हमलोग यहाँ इकठ्ठा हुए है। जैसा कि हम जानते है कि स्वतंत्रता दिवस हम सभी के लिये एक मंगल अवसर है। ये सभी भारतीय नागरिकों के लिये बहुत महत्वपूर्ण दिन है तथा ये इतिहास में सदा के लिये उल्लिखित हो चुका है। ये वो दिन है जब भारत के महान स्वतंत्रता सेनानीयों द्वारा वर्षों के कड़े संघर्ष के बाद अंग्रेजों से हमें आजादी मिली। भारत की आजादी के पहले दिन को याद करने के लिये हम हर साल 15 अगस्त को स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाते है साथ ही साथ उन सभी महान नेताओं के बलिदानों को याद करते है जिन्होंने भारत की आजादी के लिये अपनी आहुति दी।
    1947 से पहले, लोगों पर बहुत पाबंदियाँ थी यहाँ तक कि उनका अपने दिमाग और शरीर पर भी अधिकार नहीं था। वो अंग्रेजों के गुलाम थे और उनके हर हुक्म को मानने के लिये मजबूर थे। आज हम कुछ भी करने के लिये आजाद है उन महान भारतीय नेताओं की वजह से जिन्होंने ब्रिटीश शासन के खिलाफ आजादी पाने के लिये कई वर्षों तक कड़ा संघर्ष किया।
    हम यहाँ बैठ के इस बात की कल्पना नहीं कर सकते कि ब्रिटीश शासन से आजादी कितनी मुश्किल थी। इसने अनगिनत स्वतंत्रता सेनानीयों के जीवन का बलिदान और 1857 से 1947 तक कई दशकों का संघर्ष लिया है। भारत की आजादी के लिये अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ सबसे पहले आवाज ब्रिटिश सेना में काम करने वाले सैनिक मंगल पांडे ने उठायी थी।
    बाद में कई महान स्वतंत्रता सेनानीयों ने संघर्ष किया और अपने पूरे जीवन को आजादी के लिये दे दिया। हम सब कभी भी भगत सिंह, खुदीराम बोस और चन्द्रशेखर आजाद को नहीं भूल सकते जिन्होंने बहुत कम उम्र में देश के लड़ते हुए अपनी जान गवाँ दी। कैसे हम नेताजी और गाँधी जी संघर्षों को दरकिनार कर सकते है। गाँधी जी एक महान व्यक्तित्व थे जिन्होंने भारतीयों को अहिंसा का पाठ पढ़ाया था। वो एक एकमात्र ऐसे नेता थे जिन्होंने अहिंसा के माध्यम के आजादी का रास्ता दिखाया। और अंतत: लंबे संघर्ष के बाद 15 अगस्त 1947 को वो दिन आया जब भारत को आजादी मिली।
    भारत हमारी मातृभूमि है और हम इसके नागरिक है। हमें हमेशा इसको बुरे लोगों से बचाने के लिये तैयार रहना चाहिये। ये हमारी जिम्मेदारी है कि हम अपने देश को आगे की ओर नेतृत्व करें और इसे दुनिया का सबसे अच्छा देश बनाये।हर साल राजपथ पर नई दिल्ली में एक बहुत बड़ा उत्सव मनाया जाता है जहाँ प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा झँडारोहण के बाद राष्ट्रगान गाया जाता है। राष्ट्रगान के साथ 21 बंदूकों की सलामी और हेलिकॉप्टर से तिरंगे पर फूलों की बारिश की जाती है। स्वतंत्रता दिवस के दिन राष्ट्रीय अवकाश होता है हालाँकि हर कोई इसको अपनी जगह से स्कूल, कार्यालय, या समाज में झंडा फहरा कर मनाता है। हमें भारतीय होने पर गर्व करना चाहिए और देश को एकता को सदा बरकरार रखना चाहिए।” Hindi Speech For 15 August 2017

Long 15 August 2017 Speech in Hindi & English

So guys here we provided you real & unique speech for coming 15 august eve in both languages that is Hindi & English. Use these in your anchoring speech or you can also use it in patriotic essay competition held at school. I hope you have liked this article & do share it with your friends on social channels. Wishing you all a very happy Indian Independence Day 2017.

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